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Who We Are

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A Global & Small-Scale Provider

VNC ROBOTICS (ISO. 9001:2015 ) is a next-generation young entrepreneurship engineering firm and leading manufacturer & supplier of measuring instruments like -- temperature, flow, and level.

A company devoted itself to developing field instruments, like - Flow, level and temperature instruments, and control panels, Due to incessant efforts, dedication, and hard work of directors and employees, the organization gradually increased its sales and earned a name as a quality.

In the past six years the company developed a good number of multifunction, we used friendly electronics product for process control, Today we have a wide range of instruments. the company ensures " Quality, performance, Delivery and maximum accuracy.

Our Mission

Providing best possible solution 

All products are manufactured as per Quality Assurance Plan by our qualified team of welders and fitters. All products are thoroughly tested before handing it to the customer.

Core Values


Adding more value to the customer's relationship with your business. While there are many ways to do this, these efforts should generally foster a stronger connection with your customer base by offering products, rewards, and services that your competitors can't.


Building customer loyalty is by the simple acts that businesses and employees portray. Honesty allows clients to comfortably view and consume your products, and support your brand and other business practices.


Spent searching and waiting for support is time they could have spent with one of your competitors

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