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Our Prodcuts

Digital display for instantaneous flow reading.
Followed by CGWA, CGWB, and CSWA/B guidelines.
Remotely accessible because it provides an IOT platform for the water flow meters.
Tampering Alert on Dashboard.
Power failure Indication.
Backup of data as per request.
No Pressure drop in flow.

Digital Flow Meter With Telemetry System

We offer a Flowdo Digital Flow Meter with Telemetry System as per the latest Central Groundwater Authority(CGWA) Guidelines. Also, this Digital Flow Meter with a Telemetry system is easy to install and user-friendly. It provides an IoT platform for water meters which is suitable for data acquisition from any remote location. Also, its Cloud platform having Real-Time Dashboard that allows viewing all analytical parameters as per CGWA guidelines.
Alerts or Notifications during parameter exceedance will be received through Email and SMS.

The VNC Robotics Electromagnetic Flow-meter work on FARADAY’s LAW OF ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION. Hence the meter detects flow based on the velocity of conductive liquid. Thus the meters are Calibrated in terms of volumetric flow rate from it.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

We offer a Flowdo water metering solutions based on the proven technology of Electromagnetic and represents the next generation of smart metering.
Flowdo delivers solutions in all shapes and sizes. From individual meters and remote reading systems to fully automated service solutions.
The electromagnetic flow meter is a true volume measuring meter.As long as it maintains certain minimum conductivity, the measurement of the flow is independent from temperature, viscosity, pressure and dissolved /undissolved solids.

Configuration: Simplex
Temperature range: -50 To 650℃
Material of construction: SS 316
Insulation: Compacted MgO insulation
Process connection: BSP
Process connection size: 1/2 ” (M) adjustable
Protection head: Die-Cast aluminum head with threaded cap & chain

Head protection class: IP-65

Head cable entry connection: ¾ “Et
No. of cable entry: Single
Terminal block: Nickel Plated ceramic terminal block
Od: 8 mm

Length: 2200 mm

Head Type Thermocouple

We offer a Flowdo Head Type Thermocouple & RTD Sensor is available in the range of Flameproof Protection Head, Flameproof Stainless Steel Protection Head, Stainless Steel Head with Teflon Coated Immersion, Weatherproof Head Type Thermocouple with Adjustable Connection, and Weatherproof Head Type Thermocouple with Fix Connection.

STP (Sewage Treatment Plants)
ETP (Effluent Treatment Plants)
Chemical Industries
Pesticides Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Textile Industries
Ceramic Industries
Water supply Projects


We offer a Flowdo piezometer is either a device used to measure liquid pressure in a system by measuring the height to which a column of the liquid rises against gravity, or a device which measures the pressure (more precisely, the piezometric head) of groundwater at a specific point.

Used to measure the pressure of a system and convert the signal.

Pressure Transmitter

We offer a Flowdo A pressure transmitter is a mechanical device that measures the expansive force of a liquid or gaseous sample. Also known as a pressure transducer, this type of sensor is typically composed of a pressure-sensitive surface area made of steel, silicon, or other materials depending upon the analyte’s composition.


We offer a Flowdo Resistance thermometers are a type of sensor used to measure temperature. They are also known by a number of different names including Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) or Pt100 sensors.

Configuration: 3-Wire, Simplex

Temperature range: -50 to 400℃
Material of construction: SS 316
Insulation: Compacted MgO insulation
Process connection: BSP
Process connection size: 1/2” (m) adjustable
Protection head: Die-cast aluminum head with threaded cap & chain

Head protection class: Ip-65
No. of cable entry: Single
Terminal block: Nickel-plated ceramic terminal block

RTD PT-1000 Sensor

We offer Flowdo Pt1000 sensors are the second most common type of platinum resistance thermometer. Often resistance thermometers are generally called Pt1000 sensors, even though in reality they may not be the Pt1000 type. Pt refers to that the sensor is made from Platinum (Pt). 1000 refers to that at 0°C sensor has a resistance of 1000 ohms (Ω). Pt1000 sensors are used over Pt100 sensors in two wire applications as Pt1000s make lead resistance less significant.

RS485 Serial Based communication
96 x 96 enclosure
SMPS based power supply
Can connect Multiple Display

Remote Indicator

We offer a Flowdo Remote Display is used for the secondary display of the Accumax Electromagnetic flowmeter. It is easy to integrate with Accumax brand meter. Its communication is based on RS485, so the Remote Display can be mount on the panel around 1000 meters away from the flow meter.

Each fitting individually calibrated and marked with K factor. (ml/pulse) • Ceramic ball bearing for superior low flow performance.
High level (5VDC) signal can be sets up to 100ft. without transmitter.
For best results we recommend to provide a straight run of 10 and 5D on the upstream and downstream respectively.
Insertion type sensor also available with solvent cementable adaptors for PVC tees at extra cost.
Fitting automatically since probe sent at correct depth and orientation.


We offers Flowdo water metering solutions based on proven technology of Measurements and represent the next generation of smart metering.
Turbine meters are simple to operate and maintain also in service, it’s proved reliable ,cost-effective method for achieving accurate flow measurement.. Turbine flow meters are designed to maximize throughout and minimize pressure drop, maintain high flow rates over an extended flow range and offer pulse output that is linear to the flow rate. The turbine meters also minimize fiscal measurement uncertainty by delivering high-frequency pulse resolution to account for minute increments of the flow rate.

Model: Tw-15×7-100

Od: 15 mm

Id: 7 mm

Moc: SS 316

U Length: 100 mm

Process connection: 1/2″ Npt (M)

Instrument connection: 1/2″ Npt (F)

One end closed


We offer a Flowdo a thermowell is a protection for the temperature sensors in the form of cylindrical shaped pressure-tight fittings. It is used to protect the temperature sensors which are inserted into vessels and pipes for being used in different industrial applications.

Measuring system for the industries in order of higher to lower are  water and wastewater, power, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, metals and mining, and pulp and paper & paint flow rate
Water purifying system for semi-conductor liquid flowing within large Diameter flow rate measure at Field site
Flow measurement in Corrosive media
Consumed Energy Calculation function by  Checking flow rate in the field

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

We offer Flowdo Ultrasonic flowmeters which are working on principle of sound waves to determine the velocity of a fluid flowing in a pipe. At no flow conditions, the frequencies of an ultrasonic wave transmitted into a pipe and its reflections from the fluid are the same.. When the fluid moves faster, the frequency shift increases linearly.

Power supply : 3 AAA NiMH built-in battery(15 hours) &100-240 V AC for the charger
Velocity : ±12 m/sec. Bidirectional
Display : 4 lines, 16 characters, LCD with backlight, flow rate, velocity, totaliser
Units : User configurable English/Metric
Totaliser : FWD, NET, REV, BATCH (Gallons, ft3, barrels, lbs, m3)
Output : RS 232
Accuracy : ±1% of reading @ rate > 0.5 m/sec. (Optional ±0.5% of reading)

Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter UFM ADP

We offer Flowdo 1001 is an inline Type Flanged Battery Operated Ultrasonic Flow meter provides abundant capabilities for accurate liquid flow measurement.

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