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RTD PT-1000 Sensor

We offer Flowdo Pt1000 sensors are the second most common type of platinum resistance thermometer. Often resistance thermometers are generally called Pt1000 sensors, even though in reality they may not be the Pt1000 type. Pt refers to that the sensor is made from Platinum (Pt). 1000 refers to that at 0°C sensor has a resistance of 1000 ohms (Ω). Pt1000 sensors are used over Pt100 sensors in two wire applications as Pt1000s make lead resistance less significant.

RTD PT-1000 Sensor

Configuration: 3-Wire, Simplex

Temperature range: -50 to 400℃
Material of construction: SS 316
Insulation: Compacted MgO insulation
Process connection: BSP
Process connection size: 1/2” (m) adjustable
Protection head: Die-cast aluminum head with threaded cap & chain

Head protection class: Ip-65
No. of cable entry: Single
Terminal block: Nickel-plated ceramic terminal block

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