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VNC Robotics offers Flowdo water metering solutions based on proven technology of Measurements and represents the next generation of smart metering.
Turbine meters are simple to operate and maintain also in service, it’s proved reliable ,cost-effective method for achieving accurate flow measurement.


We offer accurate flow meters & various field instruments with more than 5 years of experience. Also, we are equipped with accredited LAB and provide a calibration facility too.



VNC ROBOTICS (ISO. 9001:2015 ) is a next-generation young entrepreneurship engineering firm and leading manufacturer & supplier of measuring instruments like temperature , flow and level.

A company devoted itself to developing field instruments, like - Flow, level and temperature instruments, and control panels, Due to incessant efforts, dedication, and hard work of directors and employees, the organization gradually increased its sales and earned a name as a quality.

In the past six years the company developed a good number of multifunction, we used friendly electronics product for process control, Today we have a wide range of instruments. the company ensures " Quality, performance, Delivery and maximum accuracy.


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